"Typhoon Noruda" Music Collection

"Typhoon Noruda" Music Collection

Selling Price: JPY1,960

28th July 2016 On Sale!

"Typhoon Noruda" Music Collection
Composed and Arranged by Masashi Hamauzu

21 Tracks / 1,960 Yen

・16 pages booklet
・Liner note of Masashi Hamauzu and Yojiro Arai (Director)
・Animation image and storyboard, unreleased sketches on booklet.

【Track List】
Original Soundtrack
1. Encountering the girl
2. School on an island
3. Cloud movement
4. Typhoon girl
5. Wonder
6. Stealthy steps
7. Appearance
8. Destiny
9. Disaster
10. The boys start running
11. Determination
12. To the sky

Piano Arrangements
(Piano: Benyamin Nuss)
13. Piano Story 1
14. Piano Story 2
15. Piano Story 3
16. Piano Story 4
17. Piano Story 5
18. Piano Story 6
19. Piano Story 7

20. TV commercial
21. Memory of the storm

Special site including music samples(Japanese):

The piano arrangement score is also available for reservation!

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"Typhoon Noruda" Music Collection

Selling Price: JPY1,960